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About us...
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Lurebites Magazine is the first e-fishing magazine in Greece! If you are interested in fishing in the blue waters of our country with artificial bait techniques, then this magazine belongs to you.

The magazine contains articles about fishing and reviews of various products that are an integral part of our equipment for efficient fishing. More specifically, in the pages of our magazine you will find fishing techniques with artificial baits, targeting all the predatory fish of the Mediterranean, such as sea bass, baracuda, dentex, blue fish etc ..

The magazine is seasonal, which means we will issue four (4) issues per year. Each subscriber will be able to read all the magazines we have published online for the duration of his subscription. It is not possible to download the magazine.

Our goal is to travel through the pages of the magazine to the magical world of lure fishing with sea images from every corner of our beautiful country! All this with respect to the marine environment!

Welcome all!!